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I help people and businesses understand their needs, identify concerns, and develop critical self-belief and solution-focused thinking to overcome challenges or themselves.

As a psychologist, coach, speaker and author, I engage with people and groups across a broad range of contexts to connect with the uniqueness of each person or environment and strive to help create a space of growth and development that challenges the norms and pushes the boundaries. I feel that people are incredibly fascinating and complex, and I strongly believe that my purpose is to share, engage and help facilitate change in others. After all, don’t we all need a little push or perspective at times? If nothing changes, nothing changes, and change breeds change are two mantras that help guide the work that I do.  


Practising as a psychologist, I engage deeply with individuals as they navigate their way through their personal challenges, traumas or need for change. I operate from an eclectic perspective that draws from multiple psychological paradigms, with a particular focus on solution-focused and person-centred approaches. My drive is to help individuals reconnect with the CORE of who they are first and foremost before extending broader contexts.


As a coach, I draw heavily on my psychological training and experience to engage and connect with professionals who are needing the skills, guidance and insight to overcome their stumbling blocks, and to become a more in-tune and empowered version of themselves. I operate from an understanding that we all wear multiple hats each day, but underneath each hat is the same person - connecting with, understanding and facilitating growth from the CORE becomes critical. 


I am also a speaker/facilitator, and engage with broader audiences to share different topics in numerous contexts, and find this type of engagement one of my favourites. Being able to engage with a group of like-minded people or groups of people that are all struggling with a common issue is such a rewarding process. Being able to share and connect with groups of people is a great way to create a safe space where they are able to relate to others, gain perspective and develop a sense of encouragement and positivity which is critical to facilitating the beginning ripples of change. 

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